Om oss

We want to start by telling you where the company name comes from. The name Shilias comes from the company's firstborn son, whose name is Ilias Hampus Simos. S and H are taken from the first letters of Simos and Hampus and then built together with the name Ilias. Shilia's founder, Ioannis Simos, comes from a small town in northern Greece called Drama. A town located near the father-in-law's plantations where the olives for our oils are picked.

We start with the sale of olive oil as we want you to experience the real taste of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our main purpose is to help you distinguish the quality of an olive oil based on taste and not just based on the price tag or label it has.

We want our love for our Greek products to be permeated and for them to be the "finishing touch" on your dinner table.